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Audio Transcription

The use of digital audio to record investigative interviews, medical notes and discussions in legal matters is becoming more and more common place in the lives of professional staff. Vestinex is able to provide confidential, discrete and accurate transcription of digital audio files for use in your investigations or professions. Our clients are provided the ability to upload their files for transcription to our secured “dropbox” for transcription.

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Ethics, Investigation & Fraud Prevention


Vestinex brings to our clients extensive experience, knowledge, skill and expertise in the areas of Fraud and Misconduct investigation across Corporate and Government organisations.

Our staff come from backgrounds including law enforcement and professional services organisations and have provided these services in excess of 16 years.

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IT & Business Process

IT Audit processes within our modern business organisations are fast becoming essential elements of corporate governance and compliance requirements in order to meet industry and legal obligations.

As IT systems support critical financial data which is reported to the Board, shareholders and/or regulators it is paramount that IT staff and Executives understand the risks and controls across their systems and processes.

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