Welcome to Vestinex

Vestinex Pty Ltd is a boutique professional business services provider based in Sydney, Australia. We pride ourselves on being a boutique provider which we believe places us in a position of being able to provide a range of valued added business services to our clients as part of an integrated team. This approach enables Vestinex staff to become an integrated member of our clients teams and to assist our clients to achieve their strategic and operational goals and success in their business operations. We measure our success by the role we play in the achievement of our clients success.

Vestinex promotes to each and every one of our clients our motto of “Establish, Control, Succeed” allowing our clients to provide a sound platform for operational management and growth of their businesses.

  • Establish – A sound basis of policy, structure, planning and culture which breed success and trust within the organisation with clients, customers and the market
  • Control – Define and operate a comprehensive control, compliance and management function to ensure that business operations are effective, efficient and key risks across the business are managed appropriately
  • Succeed – Success is borne out of solid management, engaged employees, trust in the market and strong leadership

It is our experience that our valued clients do not need another “auditor” or “adviser” but rather a “valued business partner” to provide advice and support not readily available in house. Vestinex was established out of this recognition and from experience in the professional services environment. We recognise the benefits to business of building long term and trusting relationships with your professional advisers and we aim to fill this role. Vestinex staff will work with you to achieve your goals as an integrated team member as opposed to an outsider with no knowledge of your business, its industry or environment. Our staff are primarily former senior government and professional services firm (“Big Four”) audit, investigation and business professionals who have the skills, experience and knowledge built over many years of providing advice to our clients across a range of industry areas.


We recognise that professional services firms often provide advice at prices which are not within the budgetary constraints of small to medium enterprises and Vestinex undertakes to provide valuable business advice and services to small, medium and large enterprises at truly competitive rates considering the level and significance of the skills we provide. We will not present our best team in our proposal to you and then supply you alternative junior resources to undertake those tasks. The people we put forward as our professionals will be the people arriving at your business to assist you with your requirements. This is our commitment and promise to our clients.

We encourage you to download and inspect our Services Statement which provides an overview of our capabilities prior to contacting us about our services. We look forward to being able to assist you in the future to grow and develop your business.