Audio Transcription

The use of digital audio to record investigative interviews, medical notes and discussions in legal matters is becoming more and more common place in the lives of professional staff. Vestinex is able to provide confidential, discrete and accurate transcription of digital audio files for use in your investigations or professions. Our clients are provided the ability to upload their files for transcription to our secured “dropbox” for transcription.

We are able to achieve reasonable timeframes on turnaround of transcriptions however we do not do urgent transcriptions within 24 or 48 timeframes. Vestinex is committed to provide value for money service and therefore our transcriptions are all double checked for accuracy and in locations throughout the file which we deem are undecipherable to our transcriptionist/s we will notate the time location of the problem in the file on your transcript allowing you to review the audio yourself and make any alterations from the knowledge of your conversation with the interviewee.