Fraud Policy & Process

Experience shows that a key element in organisations who are successful in reducing and mitigating the risk of Fraud are those who implement a robust Fraud Risk Management Framework comprising policies, procedures and monitoring programs to quickly and efficiently identify problems soon after they arise and deal with those issues with minimal disruption to the business.

Our practitioners are skilled in assisting our clients to develop Fraud Risk Management Frameworks, Policies and Procedures. Note: We recommend that these policies and procedures be developed after the completion of a comprehensive fraud risk assessment as this will enable a specific and more accurate development to suit the business environments as opposed a generic framework.

Vestinex believes that the true benefit of the development of these frameworks is that they are created to suit the specific business environment and that organisations level of risk tolerance and control. Vestinex do not and will never provide stock standard documentation which does not fit both the nature and purpose of your business.

We will work with you to develop sound policy and procedural documentation to cover the areas of the business for which the framework is being developed. We will work with you to integrate and developed Fraud Management policies and procedures into your already developed policy frameworks.

Finally, we will work with you to design and implement on ongoing monitoring program, which can be run by the organisation throughout the year to reassess and monitor the effectiveness of the program over the short, medium and long term and therefore provide real and tangible benefit to the organisation.

If your organisation currently has an implemented Fraud Control Framework Vestinex can conduct a review and analysis of that framework to provide our clients a level of comfort that the risk of fraud is being controlled as best as practicable and in line with current best practice.