Investigation QA Reviews

In recent times some medium to large organisations are electing to provide an in house capacity to conduct non-complex investigations primarily in relation to Human Resources complaint matters such as investigations into allegations of bullying and harassment. As a part of their overall risk management objectives organisations are increasingly saving funds by conducting investigations in house and having those internally completed investigations reviewed post the completion of the preliminary inquiries.

For those clients considering providing an in house response Vestinex strongly recommends that you engage us early in the process to provide advice on investigation methodologies, the investigation process in respect of the current allegations and the management of evidence to ensure that any action taken subsequent to the inquiry is acceptable and in accordance with the law and the principles of natural justice.

Vestinex can review your internal investigation process to identify areas of concern or weakness and provide advice on subsequent avenues of inquiry.

NB: Please note that we offer investigation advice not legal advice for which you will require a solicitor or other legally trained professional. Whilst our investigators are skilled in the conduct of investigations we do not provide legal advice of any kind.