Investigation Services

Modern business organisations are subject to an ever increasing level of risk from internal and external sources and as such require sound, defensible and effective governance and risk management processes to be implemented across the organisation. Notwithstanding, the need for sound governance of the organisation there will be the inevitable occasions where preventative mechanisms are not sufficient to identify, detect and prevent intentional or even unintentional fraud and misconduct by employees, suppliers and other stakeholders of the organisation, including management themselves. The capacity of an organisation to investigate, rectify and mitigate the resultant damage of these incidents is paramount to the continuance of business operations.

Vestinex brings to our clients extensive experience, knowledge, skill and expertise in the areas of Fraud and Misconduct investigation across Corporate and Government organisations. Our staff come from backgrounds including law enforcement and professional services organisations and have provided these services in excess of 16 years. We assist and guide our clients across the entire investigation process from the initial evaluation of a complaint or disclosure, through to finality of the matter at a court, tribunal or administrative review. We can assist our clients to undertake investigative analysis, prepare briefs of evidence and provide recommendations to our clients on control weaknesses within their business that require rectification to prevent future issues arising.

We utilise and promote a defensible and rigorous investigation methodology, which is also flexible enough to meet the requirements of each individual investigation. Our standard methodology includes:

  • Evaluation of the initial complaint and identification of potential allegations;
  • Identification and interviewing of witnesses;
  • Identification and examination of relevant documentary and digital based evidence;
  • Analysis of records and evidence;
  • Preparation of formal allegations;
  • Interview of involved persons; and
  • Preparation of formal reports / Briefs of Evidence.

Our experience provides us with valuable insight into the range investigative methodologies and best practice including the use and management of digital and computer based evidence and the preparation of expert witness testimony.