Incident Response Management

The capacity for an organisation to respond to a network security breach or other incident including the commission of crimes against the organisation is paramount to the containment of any damage to the organisation operationally or to the organisations business reputation. The measured and timely response of an organisation to an incident and the ability to obtain and secure appropriate evidence in the correct manner increases the prospect of the organisation to secure any prosecution and recovery litigation in the future.

Vestinex has experience in assisting clients to develop in house capabilities to conduct incident response operations including the development of policy and operational framework documentation to support incident response operations. We can provide advice on the types of training, equipment, skills and knowledge required of organisations to undertake these operations successfully or indeed to provide advice on the selection criteria that should be put into place if the decision is made to outsource these operations to suitably skilled external organisations.

If your organisation already has an established incident management framework then we can assist you to review that framework and provide insight into potential operational business improvements that can be achieved through the streamline of those processes.