IT Strategic Review

Complex business systems and applications litter modern organisations and at times the progression of Information Technology to meet a request is not accurately or actually aligned to the organisational goals and objectives. It is paramount in our experience to ensure that as a unit of the larger organisation, Information Technology strategy be aligned with the overarching strategic goals of the organisation.

Misalignment of IT Strategy to the organisational direction will not only fail to assist in the achievement of business goals but will also not provide a defensible basis for continuing IT investment. In our experience IT Business Units often see themselves as outside of the organisation at the operational level and “only provide IT services”. In our view this is not the case as the purpose of an IT function is to enhance the ability of other operational business units to achieve the goals of the business and thereby add to the achievement of financial goals, including at its most basic level profitable business returns on investment.

Vestinex has the experience and skills to support IT management to review the IT goals of the organisation and assist the business to properly align IT direction to the organisation’s strategy. We can conduct a comprehensive gap analysis between and organisation’s strategy and its IT strategy to highlight and risk rate the areas of weakness or non alignment which may impact the achievement of the organisational and IT goals.

Vestinex can work all stakeholder levels across the organisation to ensure that strategy is achievable, measurable and reportable to the Board or Regulators.