Fraud Risk Assessment

A key preventative control in any modern business is the ability identify areas of risk for fraud and misconduct across the business operations. Organisations cannot expect to, or be prepared to deal with issues that arise without first understanding the risk profile of the organisation and the propensity for the commission of fraud related offences.

Vestinex can assist your organisation to understand and critically define your business processes and the propensity or risk for that process to be subject to fraud. We assist our clients to identify potential risk areas due to lack of or ineffective controls. Our methodology for the completion of our assessments is based upon the Commonwealth Fraud Control Guidelines and the AS 8001 series of standards.

Our staff will work with you and your team to document your business processes, identify areas of risk, evaluate the level of those risks according to an agreed upon and established risk rating matrix. We will assist you to identify any controls which are currently in place within your organisation and which are operating effectively in reducing the risk of fraud within that process prior to documenting our findings and recommendations for improvement of your fraud controls.

Vestinex seeks to become a trusted business partner with all of our clients and as such we will work with you and your team to provide valuable insight and up to date analysis of fraud trends across the globe.